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Shprintzen-Goldberg syndrome and aortic dilatation: apropos of 2 new cases
Juan Pablo Trujillo-Quintero, Elisabeth Gabau Vila, José María Larrañaga Moreira, Anna Ruiz Nel·lo, Lorenzo Monserrat, Roberto Barriales-Villa
Available online 19 January 2021
Adherence to optimal ICD programming: an unresolved issue
Rafael Peinado Peinado
Available online 17 January 2021
Significance of potassium alterations. Beyond heart failure
María G. Crespo-Leiro, Eduardo Barge-Caballero, Javier Muñiz
Available online 17 January 2021
Drug titration by nursing professionals in heart failure units. Response
Juana Oyanguren, Lluisa Garcia-Garrido, José González-Costello, Iñaki Lekuona
Available online 16 January 2021
Gender and ST-elevation myocardial infarction. Response
Helena Tizón-Marcos, Isaac Subirana, Jaume Marrugat
Available online 16 January 2021
Risk stratification of ventricular arrhythmias in repaired tetralogy of Fallot
Nuria Rivas-Gándara, Jaume Francisco-Pascual, Antonia Pijuan-Domenech, Aida Ribera-Solé, Laura Dos-Subirá, Begoña Benito, Maria Terricabras, Jordi Pérez-Rodon, María Teresa Subirana, Alba Santos-Ortega, Ferran Roses-Noguer, Berta Miranda, Àngel Moya-Mitjans, Ignacio Ferreira-González
Available online 16 January 2021
Decrease in the number of primary angioplasty procedures during the pandemic and its relationship with mortality from COVID-19. The role of competing risks
Guillermo Aldama, Fernando Rebollal, Xacobe Flores, Pablo Piñón, Oriol Rodríguez-Leor, José Manuel Vázquez
Full text access
Open Article
Available online 15 January 2021
History of acute coronary syndrome: a common, maybe underestimated, risk factor for heart failure with preserved ejection fraction
Burkert Pieske, Daniel A. Morris
Available online 15 January 2021
Telemedicine for patients with valvular heart disease or aortic disease in the era of COVID-19
Ariana González Gómez, Irene Méndez Santos, Vanessa Moñivas Palomero, Francisco Calvo Iglesias
Full text access
Open Article
Available online 15 January 2021
Infundibular pulmonary stenosis and single coronary artery
Diana Isabel Katekaru-Tokeshi, Moisés Jiménez-Santos
Available online 14 January 2021
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